Mobile Sandblasting Services was started in 2013 by Pat McDonough. As an avid, self-admitted car nut, some of my earliest automobile memories began while trying to start my Dad’s old 1964 VW bug in our driveway at age 14. I had fortified my imaginary driving skills for the past two months, while daydreaming behind the steering wheel in the driveway, I was ready.

This interest has not diminished in the slightest 40 plus years later. I’ve built, bought, flipped, restored and tinkered with old 356’s, 911’s and 912’s Porsches, countless VW bugs, convertibles, buses, syncros and split window campers. I’ve messed with a handful of Camaro’s, Plymouth’s, Jeeps, 32′ Ford… you name it. I’ve also had my hands on a variety of vintage motor scooters and cycles including Lambrettas, Vespas, Norton’s, Indian’s, Harley Davidson’s, Yamaha, Kawasaki’s and BMW’s. I can’t even imagine my life without them.

I’ve put in many countless hours dealing with my nemesis… RUST in order to restore these projects. And…contrary to one of my all-time favorite musicians Neil Young “Rust Does Sleep” when properly attacked. Additionally there are often engine parts, some aluminum which the factory left bare. Sandblasting these can make these pieces look like NOS (new old stock) you simply add a layer clear coat to preserve the look. I discovered sandblasting many years ago after trying a whole host of various rust treatments and chemicals all of which looked good on paper but in hard reality didn’t do as good a job as I would have liked.

Wet sandblasting offers a means to address a whole series of problems which auto enthusiasts can now deal with. In most cases, unless it’s your business, buying a sandblaster is not a practical investment for the occasional project. Also its not practical to piece-meal your restoration; individually removing parts and bringing them to a shop. This can get expensive and there’s lots of travel and time. My thoughts on providing these services were to address this gap in the industry. By bringing the technology on-site, it addresses a whole host of issues and problems and in my opinion offers a great value to you, the customer.

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